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Puppy born with green fur in Italy

It's 2020, so you know you expected to see something like this.
Credit: Thinkstock Photos
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SARDINIA, Italy — A farmer in Italy welcomed a litter of puppies earlier in October. While that may seem normal...it's 2020. Nothing is normal.

One of those puppies came out a little bit differently. He wasn't born extra tiny or with a cool design on his fur. Instead, his fur came out green!

Spelacchia's other four puppies, all came out with white fur. Spelacchia is a mixed breed according to CBS News, however that doesn't explain why one of her puppies was born with green fur.

According to Reuters, the strange pigmentation is thought to happen when pale-colored puppies come into contact with biliverdin in the mother's womb. Biliverdin is the pigment that makes our bruises sometimes appear green.

While this green color is unique and causing a stir online, it won't last forever on the pup fittingly named Pistachio. The green color will fade as the dog grows older. 

Pistachio isn't the first green pup to be born and gain attention in the media. Over the past few years, a few green pups have made the headlines. 

As for Pistachio's future? Well, he gets to stay on the farm where he was born, while his brothers and sisters will be given new homes. Reuters reports that Pistachio will learn to look after sheep, just like his mom. 

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