BRADENTON, Fla. ā€” Wherever Otis has been, he's probably just happy to be home right now.

The 8-year-old Italian greyhound mix was reunited with his family Monday after going missing for almost two weeks. Otis' family left their Bradenton home for vacation during the Fourth of July and while he was being pet-sitted, loud fireworks sent him running away in fear.

ā€œIt is so unlike him to leave home,ā€  Kristy Leto told 10News earlier.

Leto found where Otis dug under the fence. After days of searching, she was shocked to learn the dog ended up more than a mile away at the Bradenton Motor Sports Park.

The family found a picture of Otis with a race car driver from the dragstrip, but when they tracked down the driver in Lakeland, they learned Otis had run off again.

Pictures of the dog went up near the Washington Estates neighborhood, located just southwest of Lakeland, and his family hoped he'd make a return. A man in Plant City recognized him and scooped him up.

It was a crazy trip for the little guy, spanning three Tampa Bay counties. Thankfully now, he's home sweet home.