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Rescued dolphin improving under SeaWorld Orlando care

In the last five months, he's gained 40 pounds and all physical injuries from the crab trap have completely healed.

ORLANDO, Fla. — The baby dolphin rescued from a crab trap line near Pier 60 at Clearwater Beach is steadily improving since going to SeaWorld Orlando for rehabilitation. 

It's been just over five months since Ridgway was rescued after being stranded. Over the course of his time at SeaWorld Orlando, the baby dolphin has gained 40 pounds and grown 6 inches in length. All if Ridgway's physical injuries from the crab trap have healed and his teeth have grown in on both his upper and lower jaw. 

Each day, the menu for Ridgway looks like more than 2 liters of a special dolphin formula from a bottle. He hasn't started eating fish yet, but once that begins, the bottle feeds will gradually reduce. 

"Ridgway has been moved to the dolphin nursery pool in the park which is a major milestone in his recovery," a spokesperson for SeaWorld Orlando said in an update. 

During this stage, the baby dolphin will be able to socialize with other dolphins including pairing up with and bonding with adult females and playing with other calves his age. 

"SeaWorld is happy to say he has adjusted very well to his new environment and the other dolphins," they added.

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