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New river otter joins 'romp' at Florida Aquarium

Huron will debut before the world Wednesday.

TAMPA, Fla. — Editor's note: The picture above is not the new otter Huron. Pictures of the Florida Aquarium's newest addition should be available Dec. 8.

The Florida Aquarium is getting a new addition to its romp of river otters. 

The aquarium says Huron, a North American river otter, will join resident species ambassadors Brandon and Kraken in the Wetlands Dome. 

Just how just is Huron? You'll get the chance to see him for the first time Wednesday, Dec. 8 when the aquarium introduces him to the world.

The aquarium says Huron is named after Lake Huron, "one of the many places that river otters can be found." 

According to the National Wildlife Federation, the "playful" North American river otter is "well adapted for semi-aquatic living." 

Their short legs, coupled with webbed feet, help them be fast swimmers, NWF says. And, their long, narrow bodies and flattened heads allow for more streamlined movement in the water. Additionally, NWF says their think, protective fur helps them keep warm as they swim in cold waters.

The Florida Aquarium says the river otter even has a third eyelid that protects the eye and lets them see underwater. And, their nostrils and ears close when they are underwater. 

If you're looking to impress your friends with your trivia knowledge, the aquarium wants you to know that a group of river otters is called a romp when they're on land and a raft when they're in the water.

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