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Southwest Florida eaglets turn 7 weeks old soon with father M15 possibly sparking new love interest

Papa bird M15 continues to take care of the babies while also juggling a new possible romantic interest who has been visiting quite often.

FORT MYERS, Fla. — The beloved Southwest Florida eaglets, E21 and E22, are turning seven weeks old soon and are continuing to grow day by day.

While eagle father M15 provides for the babies alone after mother Harriet's disappearance, the eaglets have reached many milestones – including mastering self-feeding and becoming aware of their surroundings.

Leaders with the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam explain E22 is more confident and assertive at mealtime while E21 is standing on the nest rails to look out. 

Both are starting to exercise stretching their wings in the breeze.

They're also having more bonding time with M15 with him feeding them and standing guard near the nest for protection from intruders – which there has been a good handful of.

From fighting off random eagles landing in the nest, one even kicking E22, to an owl aggressively knocking the papa bird off a branch – M15 is definitely going through the thick of it.


The people behind the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam explained Harriet had been vocalizing at intruders in the area before she left earlier in February. And for all the die-hard momma bird fans, there has been no other news on where Harriet is and if she plans to make a comeback.

Harriet and M15 shared all responsibilities and raised eaglets in the past. M15 has been incredible, taking on the role of both parents.

"The possible confusion of Harriet being gone, and the stress of these actions, is a learning experience for all," leaders behind the eagle cam explain in a blog post.

In the weeks following his mate's disappearance, M15 has been feeding the young ones and possibly even sparking a new love interest.

The female intruder with the injured talon, now being called R23-3, has been constantly seen near or at the nest with M15 – even snuggling up and roosting with the papa bird at night.

To read the full blog post, click here. And for anyone wanting to watch highlights from the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam, you can find them here.

You can also check out the 24-hour live stream down below to keep an eye out for Harriet or the new female eagle and see how the eaglets are doing:

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