A Maine woman was able to capture some fantastic photos and videos of a bobcat in her own backyard.

Noreen Yountz says she first spotted the bobcat Sunday watching the bird feeders and squirrels, nodding off as it laid in the snow under a few saplings.

It returned the next day, Monday, and was clearly stalking prey. Noreen was able to capture video of the big cat steadily poised to pounce as it prowled gracefully yet erratically through an inch or two of snow.

Noreen says at one point, while watching squirrels under the bird feeders, the bobcat tried to jump her 2.5-foot-tall wired dog fence. But no luck – the big cat ran right into the fence and it knocked the animal over. The bobcat's stumble seemingly scared itself; it darted out across her driveway.

Her videos and photos were posted in a Facebook group and garnered dozens of responses in awe of the wild animal:

"You are so fortunate to see this beautiful animal," said one. "I hope to see a wildcat someday. Absolutely gorgeous!" Others said: "They are beautiful cats! This one looks like a she for some reason. 😼" and "This is mother nature at her finest!! Beautiful kitty,awsome post. Thank you for sharing this with us!!"

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