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What's that in the water? Rare white dolphin makes appearance in Clearwater

The last time "Cherub" was seen was in April 2021.

CLEARWATER, Fla. — A rare dolphin appeared in a Clearwater canal this week. The moment was captured on video.

The young dolphin between one and two years old is actually named "Cherub," according to Clearwater Marine Aquarium. It appears lighter in color because of a skin condition called hypopigmentation, which is the loss of skin color.

The dolphin was born with normal bottlenose dolphin coloration, but over time has become significantly lighter, CMA says. Cherub has become quite the phenomenon. 

CMA received the video from a Florida local in a Clearwater canal. They believe they saw the dolphin traveling with three other dolphins. 

The last time Cherub was spotted was back in April 2021. 

CMA says the public can call CMA's rescue hotline at 727-441-1790, ext. 1, if they see a dolphin. With active sightings of Cherub, CMA can keep a record of its health and growth. 

However, it's important not to interfere with wildlife, CMA advises. Beachgoers should remember to follow safety guidelines when viewing marine life on or near the water. Here you can find more information on marine life viewing guidelines.

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