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Zoo Miami shows off two of its new family members

Cuteness alert!
Credit: AP
In this Feb. 26, 2020 photo made available by ZooMiami, newborn clouded leopards are held by a staff member for their neonatal exams at the zoo in Miami. Clouded Leopards are found in forests within Southern China, Taiwan and Malaysia and are highly endangered over most of their range due to hunting. (Ron Magill/ZooMiami via AP)

MIAMI — The Zoo Miami family is getting bigger! Two endangered clouded leopard kittens were just given a clean bill of health by zookeepers.

There is one male and one female kitten. They were born on February 11. Since then, they've been secluded in a den with their mother Serai. This is Serai's second successful litter at Zoo Miami.

Zoo staff was able to examine the kittens for the first time on February 26. This week they were given their vaccines. 

Zookeepers say both kittens are thriving and developing well. They also say mom is attentive and nursing her kittens.

The zoo says clouded leopards are endangered because they're hunted for their fur. They also have the longest canine teeth relative to their size of any wild cat. 

Zoo Miami hopes the kittens will be old enough for people to see, once the zoo reopens after the coronavirus pandemic.

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