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ZooTampa makes sure to keep the animals cool in the summer heat

The animals are able to keep cool with a lot of help from cool water, fans and lots of ice.

TAMPA, Fla. — While we humans are certainly feeling the heat in Florida, we sometimes forget that animals are feeling it just as much. And no, we're not just talking about pets.

Animals at ZooTampa at Lowry Park are feeling the rays from the Sunshine State in full force this year, and crews at the zoo are making sure everyone is staying fresh and cool.

But how do they do this? With a lot of help from cool water, fans and lots of ice.

The team of professionals at the zoo monitors the animals multiple times a day, according to the Tampa-based zoo. They are looking out for any changes in behavior and ensuring they get relief from the hot temperatures.

For the rhinos at the zoo, their best friends are showers under cool water, and the same goes for babirusas.

"It's very hot here in Tampa, and we give the rhinos [baths], chances to get cooled off in the mud, they like to go into the pool a lot," Katie Sheppard, a leader of ZooTampa, explains.

The best way to cool off for a rhino is showers, but zoo leaders say for other animals, ice and fans are their best friends.

"Some animals like our otters, wallabies and black bears get buckets of ice and frozen treats," the zoo explains.

And for everyone wondering about the African elephants, they say taking a dip in "refreshing" pools does the trick.

The zoo staff explains all of the animal species at ZooTampa are actually from warm weather regions and can handle the Tampa Bay area's hot temps.

"Between icy treats, cool enrichments, and access to their indoor night houses, the animal care staff ensures the animals always have a choice on how to keep cool," ZopTampa leaders explain.

Watch the animals cooling off down below!

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