ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – It resembles a skateboard with one big wheel. The Onewheel is an electric, self-balancing vehicle.

It’s used for transportation or recreation and can tackle any terrain the Bay area throws at it.

“You can ride them anywhere,” said Elite Watersports of St. Petersburg and Onewheel dealer, Vanessa McClearnon. “You can ride them on the beach, on the sidewalk, in the grass, uphill…”

Sensors detect when a rider is on the board and automatically balances the board and the rider. If the rider leans forward, the board goes forward, if they lean back, the board slows and eventually will move backward.

Kyle Doerksen invented the Onewheel. He wanted it to bring the feel of snowboarding to the pavement.

While riding a Onewheel imitates aspects of multiple board sports, it does have its own unique feel.

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