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Tampa Bay area mom shares best travel advice for taking trips with family

She and her family took more than 22 trips in 2022 and have more planned this year.

TAMPA, Fla. — It seems like everybody is ready to travel. Whether you're planning something with family or friends, far or near, it can be overwhelming. We caught up with a mom from Tampa who shares her travels on social media. She has some tips for maximum fun at a minimum price.

Meet Diana Blinkhorn, known on social media as Mrs. Blinks. She and her family just wrapped up the bold adventure of 22 trips in 2022, discovering new places close to Tampa and some thousands of miles away.

If you're ready to get away, she's a big advocate for stepping out of your comfort zone a little. "But doing it in an educated and prepared way and getting as much information as you can for an upcoming trip."

And she says it's ok to have a little anxiety. "So gauging what's a healthy dose, making sure you have everything you need to be prepared and then jumping in with two feet."

Because when you step out of your comfort zone a little, that's when it's the most rewarding. She learned that lesson when their family went to Morocco. "It is the trip that changed me the most."

When you take that many trips, you definitely learn how to find deals. "So if you're flexible with the dates and where you want to go, you can follow the deals."

She says to pick the month you want to travel and then start looking. "I do look at what's the busy travel times for certain destinations and where there are off-seasons and that helps with the deals as well."

Once you get to your destination, she says to consider public transportation like trains and buses. "It's so inexpensive and it's so much easier than you think it is to use."

Her last piece of advice: pack smart. Baggage fees add up. Diana's a bit of an expert on that. She spent two months in Europe and each family member only brought one backpack!

Follow her on social media here. She's always giving more tips and tricks for traveling. 

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