TAMPA, Fla — Making time to work out can sometimes be the biggest challenge of getting into any good exercise routine. It's good to know there's a unique new gym that can give you maximum burn in minimal time! 

Working out in a hot room may not seem that unique, but what makes HOTWORX so different is the infrared heat. 

Ellen Lavielle is one of the owners. 

"Infrared is on the light spectrum and it heats up your body. It doesn't heat the room. It finds you inside of the sauna and it heats you up from the inside out. So your core gets up to 3-5 degrees higher than normal."

That's where the calorie burn kicks in. In one 15 minute virtually led high-intensity workout, you can burn 250-300 calories, but it doesn't stop there. 

"When you're done, there's an afterburn because you're body is cooling down, you continue to burn calories after that. 300-400 calories after that," Lavielle said.

"No other place I know that you can burn that many calories in that short period of time."  

Michael Robey's been working out here for a couple of months. He's done traditional workouts for years, but has noticed a difference. "My core stability and my balance and actually my stamina has all improved tremendously."

Lavielle chalks up all those extra benefits to the infrared heat. 

"All those heavy metals that we take in throughout the day. You sweat those out of your body. It also helps with blood circulation and flow, heart, high blood pressure. It really has you covered."

And Robey loves that he can work out any time he wants since HOTWORX is open 24/7.  

"I can come in at 10:30 at night for a workout. I like that I can come in the morning time for a workout between taking my kids to school before going to work. So the flexibility of this place is what really really has me hooked."

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