Forget your wallet at home? There’s an app for that.

Right now, several states including Colorado, Iowa, Idaho and Maryland, as well as Washington DC, are testing the new digital driver’s licenses.

We're inching closer and closer to a day where we'll no longer need anything but our phones.

Here's how it works: The digital driver's licenses are stored in an app on your phone.
You can use it if you get pulled over by an officer, to get through a security line at TSA at the airport or as proof of your identity to get into a bar or movie theatre.

It will be convenient for sure, but not all drivers are convinced they can trust the new system.
“If someone gets ahold of that app, they’ll have my driver’s license number, name, address…pretty much anything a thief could ever want,” one Louisiana driver explained.

There is always that concern when you're putting sensitive information-- like your driver's license number on an app. Yet, app developers say if you use the wallet on your phone to save credit card information, it's not a whole lot different than that. There are enhanced security features including one dubbed the Harry Potter feature, because it shows the individual’s heat rotating back and forth to prove the app uses a live connection and is valid.

In Colorado, where the program is being tested right now, drivers will also keep their physical driver's licenses too. This way, they can use whichever one is more convenient

So, when will we be able to start using the digital driver's licenses here in Florida?

They haven't set a date just yet, but we know it's coming because two years ago lawmakers forced DMVs to look into how they can implement the program here. Florida leaders are watching other states to see how the transition goes, and could roll it out soon after.