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Log Goes Through Car; Man Credits Survival to God

A Midlands man is owing his survival in a near-death experience to God.

Richland County, SC (WLTX) - A Midlands man is owing his survival in a near-death experience to God.

Jason Lucas of Swansea was sitting in his car at a stoplight on Garners Ferry Road in Richland County one morning in March when all of a sudden a log truck backed right into him.

“No bruises, not even a single scratch, even though my windshield exploded, not a single scratch,” Lucas explained.

Lucas said that a log went all the way through his car into the backseat.

It's a story of survival he says is all thanks to God.

“When you look back on it and you’ve trusted the Lord, in the end you’ll see his fingerprint on each and every step He took and how He brought you through it,” Lucas said.

Even with a damaged car and a near death experience, he used this event to share God’s love with the driver of the truck, the man who almost took his life.

“Me and him had a heart to heart talk and we really became friends and we shared our faith and what God’s doing in our lives and everything, and we keep in touch now,” Lucas said. “He asked me about how I pray, what I pray, when do I pray, things like that, and to just to be able to share that with somebody, it’s awesome.”

It's spreading love in the darkest times and trusting God to defy the odds.

“He’s done a lot in my life to where I know who God is. He’s in control at all times, regardless of what happens in this world or what’s going on, God is in charge,” Lucas said.

Lucas said the truck driver who hit him is paying for the more than $4,000 worth of damage to his car. He said he takes any chance to tell people his story to inspire others.

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