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A diaper supply shortage is putting the squeeze on Tampa Bay area families

Nonprofits are trying to help keep families stocked with new diapers as some see shortages.

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — Supply chain issues are putting pressure on parents to find diapers. Couple that with increased costs during the pandemic, and it's bound to be really frustrating for the one in three families in need.

The National Diaper Bank Network helps make sure families have clean diapers so kids can go to daycare and parents can go to work. Babycycle is one of the Tampa Bay area's largest providers.

Founder Torrie Jasuwan says the people who are impacted the most by the rising costs are feeling the squeeze.

“Their budgets just aren’t stretching as far as they were to purchase these diapers and wipes, and on top of that, retailers in some areas are starting to put limitations on the amount of diapers that these people can purchase," she said.

Jasuwan says they're feeling the impact and seeing five times the need for diapers than before the pandemic began. During the month of September, Babycycle distributed 30,218 diapers.

Other local nonprofits are also seeing a greater need. The CEO of Dawning Family Services in Tampa says it's part of the bigger picture of what families are facing with the eviction moratorium expiring. 

“We’re seeing lots of families move through that eviction process who are now struggling and facing imminent homelessness. We’re seeing this rise in commodities, the prices of diapers,” CEO Mona Duffus said. 

A St. Petersburg nonprofit that helps pregnant moms called Alpha House has diapers to share with those who need them. They also have baby clothes and baby items. You just have to call and schedule an appointment to pick them up.