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'I didn't think I could have any kids': Texas mom, army veteran raises three identical triplets all on her own

Leah McGrady was nominated for the nationwide Super Mom competition and placed third in the quarter finals.

KILLEEN, Texas — One Killeen homeowner and Army veteran is nothing short of a superhero. She was even nominated for the 2023 nationwide Super Mom competition.

Leah McGrady is raising not one, not two, but three identical triplets all on her own. 

"I've been put on a really big challenge and I'm taking it upon myself, taking it all on myself," McGrady said. "Their father isn't in the picture at all, so it's just me."

McGrady says at first, she didn't think she could have kids. When she first found out she was having triplets, she was in the hospital by herself because she couldn't hold anything down for days.

The doctor came in the room and told her she was sick because she was having triplets. 

McGrady says she was in shock but immediately knew this would be the start of an amazing journey. 

"It's chaos all the time," McGrady said. "You always have to be scanning the room around where they are, but I wouldn't trade anything for the world. I wouldn't trade my situation. I wouldn't trade them for nothing."

Non identical triplets occur around once in every 4000 naturally conceived pregnancies. The chances of having identical triplets are about one in every six triplet pregnancies.

The most common question McGrady get is how she tells them apart.

"They look different to me," McGrady said. "I think it's something with their eyes. I can look at them and immediately know exactly who it is."

Another common question is where they get their sense of fashion.

"I opened up a little boutique because I started sewing to try to refocus all of the chaos for the day," McGrady said. "I've been doing it for about a year now, and now their entire wardrobe is what I've made."

McGrady's boutique is Trip-Elle Stitch and can be found here

The Killeen mom placed third in the quarter finals for the Super Mom contest and thanks everyone for all the support.

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