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14-year-old sweet boy is looking for a family to teach him about life

Kimeon wants to work in the medical world some day because he's always liked to help people.

AUSTIN, Texas — Keeping his eye on the prize, 14-year-old Kimeon is a young boy who doesn't give up easily in life. When he sets his mind to something, he goes for it. 

KVUE's Hannah Rucker spent the day with him chasing down zombies, shooting hoops and racing cars at Pinballz in North Austin.

His favorite food is calzones. 

"It's loaded and I like the way the bread tastes with the cheese," said Kimeon.

His favorite subject in school is P.E.

"It helps me if I'm anxious or mad or something. It helps me take my mind off of it," said Kimeon.

He loves to read different books and play video games. Anime is his favorite. When he grows up, Kimeon sees himself becoming a doctor or a nurse.

"I've always liked helping people, since I was little," said Kimeon.

Check it out: He also loves goats! Here's a photo of him with his goat, Pieces, as in Reese's Pieces! 

Credit: Partnerships for Children

As for a forever family, Kimeon looks forward to creating a bond with parents who love and support him. 

"I didn't really have anyone take care of me when I was little, so I'm looking forward to having people take care of me so I can have fun," said Kimeon.

Credit: Tricia Dunlap

He hopes his new family can help him with his homework and teach him things about life. He is also very open minded as to what that would look like.

"A mom and a dad or a mom and a mom, younger siblings, and I don't mind pets at all," said Kimeon.

Click here to learn more about Kimeon. 


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