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Lakeland family recreates Publix store for 5-year-old's birthday party

The family was able to recreate aisle signs, stock bookshelves with treats, hand out aprons and even let kids push around miniature shopping carts.

LAKELAND, Fla. — Most Floridians know Publix as the grocery store chain "where shopping is a pleasure." But, apparently, it's also where 5-year-olds love to celebrate their birthdays.

One family decided to give their son the birthday party "of his dreams" by recreating a Publix store inside their Lakeland home - coincidentally where the supermarket is headquartered.

Kacie Laube says her oldest son Atticus always has "out of the box" birthday themes. Last year, his birthday was "Wheel of FOUR-tune" themed. 

This year, the family was brainstorming ideas when Atticus said he knew exactly where he wanted to have his party — at Publix.

"I thought that was a cute idea and decided to create it at our house. Publix is literally his favorite place to go, and jumps at the chance to go grocery shopping with me," Laube says.

So, the family went all out —  recreating aisle signs, stocking bookshelves with treats, handing out aprons and even letting kids push around miniature shopping carts. The family even made their own authentic child-size Publix scale. 

The attention to detail was so well done that even Publix had to give the family props. 

In a tweet, the store said:

"Happy birthday, Atticus! Thanks for letting us be a part of the celebration."

Laube says the party would not have been as special without the help of Assistant Customer Service Manager Blake Smith. She says Smith not only provided Atticus with some official Publix shirts and aprons, but he also got all the kids name tags. 

Publix even set the family up with swag bags to send home with everyone. 

Looks like age 5 is starting off on the right foot for Atticus!