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Boy born without right hand shows of his bionic ‘hero arm’

“I’m about to take a drink of apple juice with my right hand for the first time,” Jonathan Wainright said.
Credit: Open Bionics

GREEN BAY, Wis — Picking up a glass of juice and taking a sip is the kind of thing most people take for granted.

But, not Jonathan Wainright.

According to his hometown news station in Green Bay, Wisc., the 12-year-old was born without a right hand because of a rare condition called amniotic band syndrome. He told WFRV he’s had several prosthetics in the past, but they didn’t work well and often broke.

Now, he has a Hero Arm.

WHDH reports the arm is the brainchild of a company in the UK called Open Bionics that develops customized bionic arms in a variety of kid-friendly themes.

Jonathan chose Iron Man.

According to WFRV, the arm has “multi-grip” functionality to maximize what Jonathan can do, but there are some limits.

“I can’t wiggle the fingers. I can’t move separate fingers. I can only close and open my fist. I can’t move the thumb,” Jonathan said.

But, it’s still a huge improvement.

WFRV says as Jonathan gets bigger, his arm’s motor can be replaced with a larger one that will allow for more fine motor skills.

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