A Canadian bride is making headlines for planning out her best friend's proposal... at her own wedding.

"As Jess walked over all I could think about was that there would be a moment when her best friend realized what was happening and that was the reaction I needed to capture," wedding photographer Ross Dance said.

According to Dance, Bride Jessica Nakrayko wanted to show her appreciation to her bridesmaid for working tirelessly to ensure the preparations and wedding day were perfect.

With her bridesmaids boyfriend, she planned out the surprise proposal.

"Instead of throwing the bouquet, the bride spun around and walked over to her best friend," Dance describes. "Everything froze as she said, 'Jess... turn around...'"

On one knee behind the bridesmaid was her future husband.

"I've never witnessed a gesture as unselfish as this one," Dance said. "I actually had to snap myself out in order to keep taking photos... the energy and love in the room was palpable."

By snapping himself out of the moment to take photos, Dance allowed the world to experience the sweet moment between friends.

Check out the pictures below: