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Dog that went missing after its owners were involved in a deadly crash in northern Arizona found safe

Obi went missing after his owners got into a serious car accident in northern Arizona last month.

Editor's note: The above video is from Oct. 17, when Obi was still missing. 

A dog that went missing after its owners got into a serious car accident in northern Arizona last month has apparently been found and seems to be in good spirits. 

According to a post in the Yavapai Humane Trappers Animal Search and Rescue Facebook group, Obi was found Saturday. 

Credit: Katrina Karr‎

"Obi walked up to this family," part of the post from Katrina Karr read. 

Obi went missing in October, after Thomas Rodriguez and his girlfriend Andrea Mawby were involved in a deadly head-on crash in northern Arizona while they were headed to the Grand Canyon. 

PREVIOUSLY: Couple searching for dog after it went missing when they got into serious car crash in northern Arizona

The couple was recovering from serious injuries at Flagstaff Medical Center while their loved ones and animal lovers helped look for Obi.

Credit: Nicole Rodriguez

"On the first day of the search for Obi we had eyes on him but he ran and ran very fast," the Facebook post from Saturday said. 

"We had sightings coming in but they were mostly of local dogs and the local dogs kept coming to our traps that we had out for Obi. We set feeding stations that also fed the local dogs. We kept trying and kept getting the local dogs," the post continued. 

"When we did get confirmed sightings we knew it was him because Obi is very unique in his body type long legs, long neck and shiney black!! Handsome guy!!"

There were periodic sightings of Obi, from a week and a half ago to Friday, the post read, "but again Obi ran then nothing no confirm sightings came until yesterday when a paramedic called us and told us he has eyes on Obi but can't catch him again."

An older gentleman called the people behind the Facebook group on Saturday night and said he had Obi. 

"Obi's family is truly amazing," part of the Facebook post read. 

"They got the word out and it had thousands upon thousands shared where we were meeting tourist out there that actually stopped in the area to look for him."

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