Here's a unique gift idea for the person who already has everything! Not only will it make the recipient feel good, but it will help others.

Make a donation to a charitable or non-profit organization in that person's name.

The American Red Cross is a good example since it responds to disasters all over the world. This year – with hurricanes hitting the Carolinas and the Panhandle, and most recently, the devastating wildfires in California – the Red Cross is always there with food, shelter and assistance to those in need.

Rachel Nelson is the Regional Communications and Marketing Director with the American Red Cross of Central Florida.

"You can make a donation specific to an amount that would equate to say, blankets, Red Cross blankets that you often see on people in an emergency shelter," Nelson said. "So every person that comes to us after an emergency or even a home fire. So for $50 you can know that you have provided 10 blankets."

The American Red Cross has a page on its website where you can specifically make a donation a gift and they will allow you to print or email a card once the donation is made. This isn't your only option.

Think about the person you are gifting this donation to and what are they passionate about. If they love animals, donate to an animal rescue, maybe they lost a loved one to cancer and there's an organization like Moffitt Cancer Center that's near and dear to them. The organization you choose will make this gift special and from the heart.

If the website doesn't have a gift option, make the donation, print the receipt and find a way to put it in a beautiful card or box with a handwritten note as to why you decided on this gift.

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