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You can still do Christmas on a budget

Christmas is right around the corner.

TAMPA, Fla. — Christmas comes at the same time every year, yet inevitably some of us fail to budget for the extra spending.  

If you charge all of those gifts, it can take months to pay them off. It's good to know that even if you haven't saved a dime, you can still do the holidays on a budget starting right now.

Tampa mom Heather Brickell has a plethora of gift ideas that won't break the bank and still make a splash. 

She blogs and posts on social media as My Sweet Savings. 

Her first tip: "I like to take envelopes for each person, write their name on the envelope, place how much cash you are going to spend for that person. Place it in the envelope and don't go over that amount."

She also likes to pick up discounted gift cards to use for buying gifts.

"So, when you stack your gift card savings with your coupons and promotional offers you can really get some great deals."

You can get coupons and promotions when you go to a store's website and sign up for their email list. And Brickell says you shouldn't rule out dollar stores. She said says she was able to make an entire basket for a coffee lover on her list with just $5 at the Dollar Tree. 

She says you can always take advantage of promotions and free shipping by shopping online. 

"Also if you're shopping online it helps you to stick to your budget and avoid those impulse buys."

Finally, Brickell says talk to your kids about the true meaning of Christmas and try the "four gift plan."

"You can buy your kids something that they want right, something to wear, something they need, maybe the kids need new cleats for soccer. And, something to read."

Photo gifts are also inexpensive and very personal. You can print one off of someone's Facebook page at a drug store and then get an inexpensive frame from the craft store or dollar store and for less than five bucks. 

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