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Student hero who helped stop school shooter graduates Marine Corps boot camp

He credits two other students who were shot as the true heroes.

DENVER — Before even leaving for boot camp, 18-year-old Brendan Bialy became known as a hero. 

Bialy is credited as one of the first students to help take down one of the armed students who entered STEM High School Highlands Ranch on May 7, CBS affiliate KCNC reports.

If you ask him, however, he says two other students who stepped in to try to take down the shooters are the real heroes: Kendrick Castillo, 18 and Joshua Jones.

“I want to make it clear. Kendrick Castillo died a legend,” Bialy said in a news conference the day after the deadly shooting.

Jones was shot twice. 

“I got to see two heroes — two regular high school kids — two really awesome people, jump into action without any hesitation. And I was more than lucky to join them,” Baily told KCNC.

Bialy was considered a “poolee” when the incident happened, which means he had already met the Marine Corp requirements, signed a contract and taken an Oath of Enlistment. 

He since graduated from Marine boot camp on Sept. 20 and left Monday to leave for training with the Marine Corps School of Infantry-West in California. 

As difficult as it has been for his dad, he says he is at ease with people like Bialy serving our country.

“It’s a battle as a parent — you love your child more than anything in this world,” Brad Bialy told KCNC. “At the same time, you understand what he has, you have to share. It’s not really our choice anymore, he’s one of those people… they have to share what they have.”

Bialy is expected to start training in Ground Ordnance and Repair once he graduates from the School of Infantry. 

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