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The Trump administration launches $19 billion Coronavirus Food Assistance Program to keep the food supply chain intact

The farming industry will receive a total of $16 billion and $3 billion will go to help food banks.

TAMPA, Fla. — There’s no doubt, the coronavirus continues to disrupt almost every aspect of our daily lives. When the pandemic first started, people frantically stocked up on toilet paper, cleaning supplies, gloves, and masks, which caused shelves to be empty for several weeks.

Now, people have shifted their concerns to a possible food shortage.

In recent weeks, hundreds of food processing plant employees contracted the coronavirus because of cramped workspaces.

Supply chain experts say this caused a trickling effect of not having enough workers on the assembly line to efficiently get meat, poultry, and produce to the grocery stores.

“This is an expensive problem. A lot of food processing manufacturing facilities are going to need to make changes to their layout,” said supply chain expert Daniel Stanton.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump announced the farming industry will receive a total of $19 billion to help keep the food supply chain intact.

The Trump administration launched the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program to support agricultural producers, “maintain the health of our critical food supply chains, and provide food assistance to American families,” said Pres. Trump.

Through the CARES Act, $3 billion will be applied to the Farmers Family Food Box Program.

Food banks across the United States will receive boxes of fresh produce and dairy products, which will then be given to families in need.

The remaining $16 billion will be allotted to farmers impacted by coronavirus.

Starting on May 26, farmers can fill out an application through their farm service agency.

During the conference, President Trump said farmers will receive a check a week later.


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