First it was the Galaxy Note 7, then we introduced you to a local woman whose iPhone burst into flames. Now, a Florida State freshman says his Google Nexus 6-P phone exploded on his bedside table.

Joseph Zilonka says he's still freaked out about what happened to his Google Nexus 6-P phone.

He was sound asleep when he heard a loud cracking noise, and by the time he opened his eyes, flames were shooting up high above his phone.

He was doing something we all do every single night: Charging his phone next to his bed.

After extinguishing the flames, he snapped a picture of his charred google phone. The college freshman says he was stunned. He'd had the phone for about a year, and never had any problems until last Tuesday.

Zilonka says he chose the phone over a Samsung Galaxy 7 after reading about problems with the phone getting overheated and catching fire.

Last year, Samsung recalled more than a million Galaxy 7 phones for overheating and fire concerns.
Since then, they've tasked 700 engineers to test 200-thousand phones and 30-thousand batteries.
What they found was the batteries were incorrectly placed in the upper right corner of the phones, causing issues. They also found some welding issues.

Investigators may look into iPhones and google and android phones next to see if they have a similar problem.

The best thing you can do to stay safe is to make sure you don't overcharge your phone. If you can, charge it before going to sleep and if you need extra juice in the morning, charge it as you get ready for work.

Experts also say stop using your phone when it starts to get hot.

Investigators will likely look into iPhones and google and android phones next to see if they have a similar problem.

Joseph Zilonka says he's stunned-- and he can't believe he wasn't hurt.
He did what we all do every single night--put his phone on his bedside dresser to charge overnight.

He looked over to see flames shooting high up from his Nexus 6-P phone.
Zilonka is now warning everyone to keep a close eye on their phones.