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St. Petersburg staple, Brocante Vintage Market, to close at the end of the year

Loyal shoppers say they'll miss the good finds and better friends.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — It has become a weekend staple in St. Pete, but not for much longer: Brocante Vintage Market is closing its doors at the end of this year.

After more than six years in business, loyal customers have come to love the once-a-month vintage market, lining up before the doors even open.

Collector Craig Koshler comes almost every single month.

“If I miss a week or something, everyone asks me, 'Where were you, what happened, why didn’t you make it?' You know, they are so used to seeing me here," Koshler said.

He has found many things to buy: “They usually have great albums here, but they’ve all been picked through. They’ve all been picked through so many times. 

"I have hundreds of them at home that I’ve gotten from here.”

But his favorite item?

“I was in Home Depot one day and I saw this bucket that said, ‘Let’s do this.’ So I brought it in as my bucket to sit on outside while I am waiting, and I can collect my small stuff in it. Then I started asking everybody, 'Hey, would you sign my bucket?' 

"So everybody put their signatures on my bucket. Actually this is my most cherished item from Brocante. My bucket.”

The people behind those signatures are what he’ll miss most.

“You know everything here is just stuff. You can get stuff anywhere but I am really going to miss all the people here. Not only the vendors because we’ve developed a relationship, but I am going to miss everybody that comes here. Because we are all of the same venue," Koshler said. "We all like to collect stuff, but they’re all great people.

"You know, where else am I going to see them? I am not going to see them in public. I am only going to see them at places like this. And there are no places like this. This is really unique.”

If you’ve been waiting to check out Brocante Vintage Market or have been telling yourself you really should go again soon, you have two more chances before the market is officially closed. It is located at 2200 2nd Ave. S.

The last two market weekends are the first weekends of November and December.

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