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Let's be real: youth sports events aren't that enjoyable for parents.

Sure, it's great to watch your kid have fun, and youth sports do occasionally yield an entertaining viral moment. But for the most part, youth sports can be slow and boring — and if you're outside in the spring or winter, they can be cold.

As spring sports season approaches, the heroes at the pop culture site PopSugar have identified and highlighted two products that can make your kids' games a little more tolerable: the Chaheati MAXX Heated Chair and Under the Weather sports pods. Facebook posts about the products generated thousands of shares this week.

The Chaheati MAXX Heated Chair — which you can buy from Chaheati for $119.99 or on Amazon starting at $113.96 — is a folding chair that weighs 12 pounds and utilizes "patented woven heating technology" to keep you warm, according to the retailer's website. The retailer states that the chair has three temperature settings: low heats to about 100 degrees, medium heats to about 113 degrees and high heats to about 131 degrees.

If $113 is too steep for your budget, you can buy the Chaheati 5 Volt USB Heated Chair on sale on Amazon right now for $63.74. Chaheati claims the chair can stay warm for up to six hours, but some customers have stated that it did not come with batteries.

Want to stay warm and comfortable at little Jenny's soccer game? Consider The Hot Seat, which you can buy on Amazon for $124.99 and has better customer reviews than the Chaheati chairs.

"As roomy as a first-class airplane seat, Hot Seat’s High-Density Foam Cushion supports and cradles your lower back and tush," the retailer claims on Amazon. "The Padded Armrests help prevent back fatigue, so you can be comfortable during any event or outing. The Hot Seat comes with 6 reclining positions."

The Hot Seat also can provide heat using a USB battery pack that is not included. 

Of course, neither the Chaheati chairs or The Hot Seat will keep you dry when it's raining or snowing at the game. For that, there is the Under the Weather Sports Pod, which also was recently featured on PopSugar. The sports pods are small, erect, weatherproof tents made of polyester and clear PVC. The smallest pod can hold one folding chair and costs $99.99 on Under the Weather's website or Amazon; the MegaPod costs $199.99 and can hold four chairs.

Can't afford any of these products? Laughter can help keep you warm for free. Here's a fun youth sports video that will make you smile. 


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