It's a medical necessity for some but every time you buy it -- you're paying a little extra in taxes.

There are health care items we sometimes need -- allergy medicine, pain reliever, antacids. Under Florida law these are considered household remedies and are not taxable. But women’s tampons are taxed. One Tampa woman says it’s a double standard. She’s filed a class-action suit to put an end to the “tampon tax.”

Consider this: The Food and Drug Administration classifies tampons as a medical device. Yet, Florida women pay sales tax for a box of tampons or sanitary napkins every month.

Sen. Simpson seeks repeal of 'tampon tax'

“I think it’s incredibly unfair. As a woman we need those products,” says Lauren Brautigam from St. Petersburg.

Yet, other products women and men use like throat lozenges and foot care items are tax-free. A long list of health care items are included even Band-Aids and gauzes but still not tampons.

Except for 5 states and 4 other state that don’t have a sales tax women across the country pay a tampon tax.

Brautigam says, “As a woman I feel it’s incredibly discriminatory.”

The class-action suit calls for Florida women to be reimbursed for the sales tax paid during the last three years.

How much is that? At $8 dollars a box with a 7 percent sales tax over 36 months -- $20.16. Sure it’s not a lot of money, it’s more about proving a point.

Canada was the first country to ban the "tampon tax." California recently did so as well. The Tampa woman who filed this lawsuit will speak to the media in Tallahassee on Friday.