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Demand for assistance remains high for laid-off Bay area workers attempting to find new jobs during the pandemic

Organizations like Feeding Tampa Bay say demand is still at a 100 percent increase in families that need help with groceries

TAMPA, Fla. — It's been seven months since the coronavirus pandemic rocked the U.S. economy and despite tech companies continuing to thrive, we are still seeing the impacts of rolling furloughs and layoffs.

"Currently I am still furloughed from my job and I don't see that getting changed anytime soon," former restaurant manager Kelly Johnson said. "Our bills didn't stop, nothing else stopped but our employment. Many people I know can't get another job and replace that income loss. Most people lucky enough to be back in the workforce are getting a quarter of the money they were making before."

With the latest layoffs and furloughs coming from American and United Airlines and Disney, Feeding Tampa Bay says demand remains high for families here locally. 

"We still have at least 100 percent increase for need for food," CEO of Feeding Tampa Bay Thomas Mantz said. While it's down from the 700 percent increase they saw in March, he says it's still concerning especially as short-term aid stops.

"Most of the programs will expire and the trajectory we see suggests that the recovery for many of our families will take longer to recuperate," Mantz said. 

Overall, 26.5 million Americans claimed unemployment benefits the week of September 12. And a new poll done by Harvard shows 46 percent of people are having serious financial problems with nearly one out of three having used up all or most of their savings already. 

As more people search for work, employment expert Michael Goldberg says to revamp your resume with this approach, "Think about your work accomplishments and tell them in the STAR format which is situation, task, actions and results that came as a result of the project or challenge."

He also recommends not to send your resume out to just any and every company you see but instead to take time to research specific companies you want to work for and tailor your resume accordingly. Another helpful tip: networking with people on popular job websites like LinkedIn and with friends and family. 

For families in need of food assistance can find resources here