LITHIA, Fla. — So many small business are laying off workers or shutting down altogether, but it's good to know many are also getting creative to keep their people at work and make their customers happy.

There's a cafe in Vegas that became a general store and FaceTime's customers to take orders for delivery.  There's a wine and cheese shop in Colorado that's doing tastings virtually after you pick up the box -- so you can join in the fun.  

There is a pizza place right here in the Bay Area that's trying something new to keep as many employees working as possible.

This New York style pizza place in Lithia is not slowing down, even though they can't let customers in, they are still sending out food.  Jon and Kim Urso own the shop. "We took all of our servers and they're now delivering pizzas. So we have extra delivery drivers on and we're just trying to adapt to meet everybody's needs in the community."

One customer didn't want her pizza cooked. She asked for them to make a kit that her family could put together at home. "It's just a way for a family to connect at home and to make our pizza and still have it. We're really happy that our customer base came up with the idea. It wasn't us, but we're happy to try to make sure everybody's happy."

And Kim says this kit has now become a popular request. "I think all the moms are loving it because it's giving them something to do with the kids because now the kids are home for a month."

The owners tell me they are following all the CDC guidelines and recommendations when it comes to their business and taking extra precautions when prepping food.  You can order and pay through their app and have the delivery person ring the doorbell and drop the food so there's no contact.

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