WARNING: The following video is graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

MINNEAPOLIS - Body camera footage has been released showing a Minneapolis police officer shooting two dogs earlier this month.

The July 8 incident was captured on surveillance video as well, which the homeowner posted on Facebook -- and quickly went viral.

The graphic video shows Officer Michael Mays shooting two dogs in the fenced yard of a home in the 3800 block of Queen Avenue N. in Minneapolis. There is no audio on the recording until after the shooting occurred. Mays later approached the front of the home and spoke to Courtney Livingston, the daughter of the homeowner Jennifer LeMay.

Mays can be heard apologizing, asking about the condition of the dogs and saying he "loves dogs."

Courtney Livingston is seen sobbing and says, in part, "I didn't even know you guys were here" and "I have blood all over my house." She explains she entered the wrong security code and had forgotten that she had left the rear door open. Mays and his partner were responding to a residential alarm.

In the police report, obtained by KARE 11, Officer Mays stated the following:

"I observed a white pitbull rushing towards me from inside the residence. I back peddled towards the garage area while giving loud verbal commands "GET BACK."

"The dog slowed down for a short time frame, but continued to growl at me while taking a few more steps towards me. Noted, the 6-8 foot fence was wrapped all the way around, making it uneasy for me to remove myself from the rear yard without turning my back."

"After the dog took a few more steps towards me, I fired one shot at the dog, causing it to fall over. The dog then got up and ran back into the residence. After firing the first shot, I observed a larger size blue nose pitbull come rushing towards me from inside the residence. I pointed my firearm at the second dog and fired off three shots. The second dog first fell to the ground and got back up, and eventually ran back into the residence."

The two dogs, Rocko and Ciroc, required surgery. MPD has said it will assist in paying the medical bills. Livingston and LeMay have also set up a GoFundMe account to raise money for the expenses.

Since the incident, MPD has changed its policy and training regarding how officers handle situations or calls involving animals. The Minneapolis Police Department Internal Affairs Unit continues to investigate Mays' actions.