RIVERVIEW, Fla. - Hundreds of families already use the soccer fields at the Spurlino Family YMCA and many like the Schriers have been keeping a close eye on the construction of the main building.

“I’m so glad they’re having good progress on it, because I cannot wait for that place to open,” says nine-year-old Xander Schrier, just done with a soccer game.

So it was really fun to give the family a sneak peek at some special work going on there Saturday morning.

The 10News team wasn't playing around — but busy building a playground.

“I really feel like we’re accomplishing something,” said news producer Jenn Stanton, while holding up a section of blue slide.

The play area adjacent to the building will be used by young children while their parents work out.

Meteorologist and brand-new dad Grant Gilmore likes the thought of helping kids. “At some point there’s going to be tons of kids running around here, having a good time and we’ll know we’re a part of that.”

Surveying the playground, 7-year-old Max Schrier thinks our Y work is A-OK.

“It just looks like if you get on it, you’d want to stay for a really long time,” he told us.

But the playground wasn't our only volunteer task on Saturday. Other members of the 10News team tidied a trail, and it seems that Meteorologist Bobby Deskins just can't get enough of wind. He was running wild with a leaf blower.

And anchor Reg Roundtree, always a colorful character, purposefully put a splotch of yellow paint on his nose. He was part of the team painting a pavilion and spreading goodwill.

“This is great,” said Research Director Sau O’Fallon as she rollered a green post orange. “Such a great thing for the team to come out and do and bless the community like that. I really, really love it.”

And no one’s going to get a splinter sitting on some new benches at the Y. The 10News team sanded and painted them with pride. Each brush stroke bringing people a bit closer together.

“To work with the people we work with every day outside of the newsroom, it’s a different sense of community,” explained Producer Claudia Sinram.

A $33,000 grant by 10News and our parent company TEGNA's Foundation paid for the playground. And all of Saturday’s labor was given freely with love to the kids of Riverview, because they deserve a safe place to play.

Xander says that’s important. “You have to make sure you exercise a few times a day.”

The new YMCA is scheduled to open in January.