ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — If you have ever had to park in the heart of Downtown St. Petersburg, you might have come across a yellow meter or two. In 2014, The city of St. Petersburg strategically placed 13 yellow meters in town. The primary purpose of each yellow meter is to help the homeless community in the Sunshine City.

Keith Glasgow, a parking division manager for the city of St. Petersburg, had a hand in getting the yellow meters installed. He initially got the idea from Denver, Colo., which added meters to their streets in 2007. Since then, several cities throughout Florida followed with the same idea, including, Daytona, Orlando and West Palm Beach.

Initially, the idea didn't take off in St. Petersburg until 2014. Mayor Rick Kriseman was elected, Glasgow said he received the green light to move forward with the Yellow Meter Homeless Meter Project.

“Without the Mayor’s support, this would not have happened," Glasgow said.

In 2015, the city added the option for people to donate to the homeless through the traditional parking meters by using the Park Mobile App. When people enter zone 2000 into the app, a prompt pops up asking if they would like to donate to the homeless. Donations range from $1 to $20. 

“Whatever people donate comes right back to the city, and the city puts it right into the homeless,” Glasgow explained.

Through the yellow and brown meters, St. Petersburg has collected nearly $7,000. It might not seem like much, but it’s a start to helping the people who are down on their luck.

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