On June 20, three men lured a man in what they described later to police as a vigilante child-predator sting, according to reports.

Julian Calfy, 23, along with John Carollo, 28, and Nicholas Holloway, 20, all face felony charges of second-degree battery for attacking the man after they met a home.

An Atkins man who once threatened to blow up Dardanelle High School and appeared in neo-Nazi clothing at an Arkansas Tech protest will face an assault trial after allegedly beating a man he lured to an address on Grindr in June.

The three men have been identified as members of an Arkansas-based neo-Nazi group.

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Calfy called 911 and told police that he and Carollo and Holloway had caught a man in a "child-predator sting", who had also called police and told police that the men pulled him from his car and forced him to the ground. He also said that the men put a gun to his head before allowing him to drive away, damaging his windshield.

Holloway said that he posed as a 15-year-old boy on Grindr, a gay dating app, to lure the man to a home to catch him in acting illegally.

According to reports, Carollo and Holloway are free on bond. Calfy remains in custody for a parole violation, who was convicted to 16 years for possession of explosives and threats after he threatened to blow up Dardanelle High in 2012 when he was a teenager. 

Calfy attempted to appeal the conviction, claiming a parent should have been present for his interrogation because he was a minor, but it was denied.

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In April, Calfy waded into a planned protest staged by students at Arkansas Tech against a former professor they claimed had taught Holocaust denial. A scholarship had been endowed in the professor’s name. 

Other known neo-Nazi leaders announced a counter-protest, but in the end, only Calfy appeared dressed in a t-shirt with a hate message and wearing swastika earrings. The confrontation remained peaceful and there were no arrests.