BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. — Two men kidnapped a Florida plastic surgeon and tortured him in an attempt to get money, but came away empty-handed, federal prosecutors said.

An affidavit by the investigating FBI agent said the case began Jan. 15 when police were called to a Broward County parking lot, where a vehicle's horn was honking continuously. Officers found a man inside with his hands and feet bound. He had burns on his hands and cuts on his face.

The victim told authorities that the day before he had left a business and was getting into his vehicle when a man with a gun forced him into a van. He was blindfolded and tied up, then shocked repeatedly with a stun gun.

He was taken to an unknown location where he was bound to a chair. When the blindfold was removed, he could see sharp instruments. He couldn't see the kidnappers' faces, though, because they were wearing headlamps and baseball caps.

The abductors showed the victim documents with his personal information on them and threatened to kill him if he didn't give them money.

The victim said a blowtorch was used to burn the top of his hands, and a hot metal object was used to burn his hands.

Even though the victim said he would give them whatever they wanted, the abductors kept hitting him and burning his hands. The victim eventually gave them his home address, gate entry information and the code to get into his home, where they would find $50,000.

The kidnappers forced the victim to drink alcohol, then put him back in the van, where he passed out. He woke up in his own vehicle, which was where police found him.

Officials found surveillance video showing the victim being kidnapped and put in a gray van. They also found video from the victim's home, where a man in a baseball cap and headlamp approached the residence but was frightened away when someone in the home turned on the outdoor lights.

More surveillance video from the victim's office showed the van parked outside. They were able to get the vehicle's tag number, which linked it to a rental company that Justin Boccio had rented it from on Jan. 5.

It was returned the same day the victim was found.

Boccio was arrested April 1 and charged with kidnapping, conspiracy to commit kidnapping and using/carrying a firearm to further a crime of violence.

The Sun-Sentinel in Orlando reports a co-conspirator, Sergei Nkorina, 53, is in Spain and is awaiting extradition to Florida to face charges.

Nkorina's wife was a patient of the surgeon, the paper reported.

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