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Why did a 13-year-old allegedly kill his grandmother? Police still don't know

The Dunedin Middle School student says he doesn't remember killing Gloria Davis.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Newly released information about the night Gloria Davis was stabbed to death in her home in St. Petersburg paints a gruesome picture, yet provides no real motive as to why a 13-year-old would attack his grandmother with a knife in the middle of the night. 

But that's what the State Attorney's office and St. Pete police say Javarick Henderson Jr. did in the early morning hours of Nov. 25. 

Some parts of the St. Pete Police report show consistencies in the events that happened in the early hours of that day. But the stories from the only other people in the house that night, two brothers in middle school, eventually do not match up. 

According to the police report, Davis had two of her grandsons with her for a visit – 13-year-old Javarick and his 12-year-old brother. They'd gone to visit Davis's mother, their great-grandmother, at a home where she lives that day, then went back to Davis' home and spent time watching TV, playing on their phones and having dinner that evening. 

Davis went to bed around 10pm and told the boys not to stay up too late, both boys told police. According to the brothers, the 12-year-old fell asleep on the couch at about midnight. 

Credit: Provided
Gloria Davis

The stories diverge between the brothers from there. 

The younger brother told investigators he woke up to his grandmother's screams and sounds of commotion. When he got up to see what was happening, he told police he found Javarick standing in the kitchen. 

The police report states Javarick told his brother, "Go see."

When the brother hesitated, Javarick said, "Go see," again, and Javarick told his brother he was upset because he couldn't save their grandmother, who they called Nana, according to the report. 

Police say he told his little brother that he had done something wrong and wanted to kill himself, but not to call 911 because he needed time to think about what he should do.

During this time, the brother says he also heard Javarick say, "Hurry up and die," according to the report. 

The brother ended up calling their father, Davis's son, Javarick Henderson Sr. and said that Nana was bleeding. 

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According to Javarick Jr.'s account in the police report, the teen said that he went to bed around 12:30 a.m. and woke up around 2 a.m. to go to the bathroom. That's when he said he saw something in the dining room and found his grandmother lying on the floor, wounded and bloody. 

He told police she asked him to call 911 but he said he couldn't because his phone wasn't on, according to police.

Police say Javarick said that he instead went to the kitchen, got a knife and started cutting his hands because he didn't want to live anymore. He also picked up the knife in case anyone else was in the house, he told police, and he washed off the knife after he'd cut himself. 

When first responders arrived, the boys were still in the home, and when they opened the door the house alarm went off for the first time that night.

Investigators found no signs of forced entry.

According to the police report, Javarick changed various aspects of his story throughout the course of the interviews, including the position of his grandmother's body when he says he found her lying on the ground. 

One thing he maintains consistent though, according to the information in the report.

Police say he doesn't think he hurt his grandmother – he doesn't remember doing anything to her. That's what he told police and even his father, according to the report, when his father outright asked him.

Credit: WTSP
Javarick Henderson Sr.

His father told police that he had concerns because Javarick had been playing the "Momo" video game, along with one called "Jeff the Killer" and had been spending time playing games on Roblox. 

The autopsy report shows that Davis was stabbed 26 times. She had already died by the time police arrived. 

Javarick Henderson Jr. is charged as an adult, accused of premeditated murder. 

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