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San Diego law enforcement reacts to shooting of LA deputies

Video outside a Compton train station shows a man walking up to the deputies' parked squad car, firing several shots into the passenger window then fleeing.


Content warning: Video in this story depicts violence and may not be suitable for all viewers. 

The attempted murder of two Los Angeles area sheriff’s deputies Saturday stirred emotions and sparked an intense manhunt as the deputies were fighting for their lives Sunday.  

The two deputies were ambushed as they sat in their patrol car in Compton and the shockwaves reverberated across the nation as many have viewed the chilling video. 

A surveillance video taken outside a Compton train station shows a small dark-skinned man walking up to the parked squad car, firing several shots from a handgun into the passenger window then running back the way he came.  

Both deputies were critically wounded but managed to radio for help. They were transported to a nearby medical center for emergency surgery. 

“They performed in an admirable fashion in spite of grave adversity," Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva said Sunday during a conversation with religious leaders. “God bless them, it looks like they’re going to be able to recover. They’ve survived the worst."

State Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer expressed angry words as the desperate manhunt began. 

 "This was an unprovoked, cowardly attack,” he said. “The individual will be caught." 

Some protestors stood on the sidewalk, yelling at deputies and officers standing guard at the entrance to the emergency room Saturday night. A tweet from the LA County Sheriff's office quoted one demonstrator as shouting, "We hope they die!" 

The deputies were both reported to be in critical condition as of Sunday. One is a 31-year-old mother of one and her partner is a 24-year-old male. Both were sworn in just 14 months ago. 

San Diego law enforcement has expressed outrage following the shooting.  

"It's absolutely senseless,” said San Diego Police Officers' Association President Jack Schaeffer. "[There is] extreme sadness and anger. Too much of this stuff [is] happening where officers are getting targeted simply for what they wear for a uniform - what they do for work."  

Hsaid he doesn't blame the shooting on recent protests but said that doesn't help the situation. And he's troubled on another level. 

"I don't see the outrage from elected officials and media and that's troubling,” Schaeffer said. 

A retired San Diego police homicide detective spoke to News 8 about the evolving threat to those sworn to protect and serve. 

"It's really scary to think that somebody just walks up and shoots you while sitting in the car [when you’re] doing nothing but getting paid to be a police officer and hopefully protecting citizens,” said Rick Carlson.  

A $100,000 reward was announced Sunday for information about the suspect in the shooting.