SARASOTA, Fla. -- “He willfully knew what he was doing he was trying to kill me,” said Darin Hendrickson of Sarasota. Hendrickson says he is relieved the driver of the Mazda 3 hatchback that deliberately sideswiped him is behind bars.

Despite the violent hit late Sunday afternoon, Hendrickson walked away with only a broken rib and road rash.

Hendrickson has this message for the man deputies arrested: “You tried to take my life. Time for you to stand up and get justice like everybody else.”

Deputies arrested Magdiel Madrano-Bonilla, 30, an undocumented immigrant from El Salvador. He’s charged with aggravated assault and driving without a license. Deputies found the vehicle abandoned at his friend’s house in Sarasota.

Magdiel Medrano-Bonilla
Magdiel Medrano-Bonilla
Sarasota Police Department

“The suspect began stripping the vehicle of its license, doors, tag, and sent text messaging how he was going to destroy the car,” said Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight.

Despite a judge setting a $20,000, Knight had ICE put a 48-hour hold on Madrano-Bonilla.

Knight says he entered the U.S. in 2014, seeking asylum. He was allowed to stay with a hearing set for December 2019. He had no identification.

Knight told reporters during a press conference Wednesday afternoon, “For me this is crime prevention. I don’t want him here anymore. I hope some type of immigration reform gets done.”

He added, “We have removed an individual with a violent temper off the street with hopes he can be removed from Sarasota County and sent back to his country of origin. As far as I’m concerned, El Salvador can have him.”

Hendrickson knows he won’t be compensated for damages to his motorcycle and for medical costs, but he says the fact the driver was arrested is compensation enough.

“It’s compensation in my mind to know he can’t do it to another person,” he said.

Detectives said Hendrickson was partially at fault. He was ticketed with reckless driving and having an unregistered vehicle. He has a May 1 court date.

Hendrickson says this experience has taught him patience on the road, but he won’t be riding his bike on the streets anymore. He’s going to the tracks.

Detectives say they tracked down Medrano-Bonilla thanks to a sticker on the hatchback door of the car. The sticker and license plate led them to the previous owner, and that lead them to the driver’s mother. She told deputies where to find him.

ICE is supposed to pick up Medrano-Bonilla within 48 hours.