A Pinellas County woman is accused of causing a 3-year-old girl's head to slam into a windshield, shattering it.

According to the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, Justine Patricia Olesky, 33, was having a fight with her boyfriend. The child was standing next to her.

When the boyfriend left, Olesky put the child, who weighs about 35 pounds, in the front seat of her car without a car seat or seatbelt. She then chased after her boyfriend at a high rate of speed, deputies said.

A witness estimated her speed at 90 mph.

When Olesky saw the boyfriend, she slammed on the brakes. The girl was thrown forward, slamming her head into the windshield, deputies said. The window crack was about 20 inches in diameter.

There were strands of hair left on the windshield.

The responding deputy said Olesky was not concerned about the child's safety and kept talking about her boyfriend.

Olesky was charged with child abuse and domestic battery. Bail was set at $12,500.