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Cut the clutter while staying at home

Simple ways to organize key areas in your home.

TAMPA, Fla — Since you'll be spending most of your weekend at home social distancing, you may be looking for something to do.  How about decluttering?

Now is a great time to focus on things like the pantry and cleaning supplies. While it might sound overwhelming, getting organized can be pretty simple.

"Organizing your cleaning supplies is a great thing to do right now because we need our houses to be spic and span," said Tracy McCubbin.

McCubbin wrote a book on decluttering.

"I want you to throw out the empty bottles, the old dirty sponges. We're using stronger cleaning products than we might normally. So put those to the front. You've got to wipe down your surfaces everyday, so you want that stuff accessible."

Now, on to the pantry. "Put like with like, so soups together, tomatoes together. That way when you go to the store you don't overbuy. You also want to use your older foods first."

Tracy also says tidy up that entryway and keep some key things handy by the front door.  

"You want this to be the place that you can disinfect your packages, that you can get in and out of the house really quickly. So really declutter that point of entry into the house."

Finally, once you have things organized, get everyone else in the family on board.  "We need to explain to our whole family right now the importance of having a decluttered and organized house. We're in our house for we don't know how long. So, the less clutter we can have, the less stress we can have, the better for everybody."

Click here for a link to Tracy's Facebook page to see more tips on how to organize and declutter your home.

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