PALM HARBOR, Fla — Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Tuesday a number of transparency initiatives to significantly improve Florida’s health care system. 

“Health care is the only industry where a consumer purchases something without knowing the price or value, and that needs to change,” DeSantis said. “Ultimately, my goal is to make Florida’s health care system the most transparent, most affordable and highest quality health care system in the nation.”

When DeSantis took office he tasked the AHCA to expedite the development of a transparency web tool that would give Floridians' access to facility-level pricing and quality information for the most common health care services.

Now Floridians have access to these tools through the AHCA’s Florida Health Price Finder website. County cost averages are also available for over 200 services typically provided in a health care provider office or clinic.

The expansion of the AHCA's Florida Health Price Finder website enables Florida consumers to have transparency when it comes to making their health care decisions, review and shop costs for frequently sought health care services.

DeSantis also announced the Governor’s Health Care Transparency Award for hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers. This honor will be awarded to facilities that have exceeded the bar set by regulatory standards and that are actively providing accessible and understandable data about their pricing, financial policies, and performance to patients. 

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