RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) - - When you think about an avatar, you probably think of the movie.

Some Arkansas Tech students are some of the first in the country to expand their learning horizons to train with something you'd see in a movie.

“We at Arkansas Tech wanted to live up to the name Tech.”

12 Arkansas Tech students got a sneak peek into the future for learning programs.

A simulated classroom allows students to engage with avatars in a classroom setting to gain real world experience. This method helps future teachers to better understand the principles of learning and teaching.

The program, TeachLivE, was developed at the University of Central Florida and is currently being used at over 85 campuses in the U.S.

“Basically they told me you're going to go live in three seconds and so they count down then after that they say you're live and for the next five minutes you are in a regular classroom.”

Stephanie Melder is one of the first students to practice with the virtual classroom.

“They may be distracted in the back and that gives me an opportunity to respond as a teacher and address those behaviors.”

The avatars act and respond in real time.

“The nice thing about ‘TeachLivE’ is you can get that immediate feedback.”

The avatar based teaching program is set to launch in fall of 2017. They'll start training teachers with the program this summer.