Have you seen one of these pop up on your screen?

Students are going crazy over this gadget and I'm hearing it even helps with concentration.

They’re called fidget cubes or hand spinners and yes students are using them like crazy in classrooms to help with concentration.

They're designed with six surfaces that let you flip, click, rub, spin and glide -- all the while you could be doing a class assignment or maybe your paperwork at the office.

But rumor on the street is they are starting to become too distracting for some classrooms.

I contacted several school districts around the area.

And while none have said they ban these gadgets some have confirmed “if” they become a distraction, students may have to put them away.

Does it work?

Dr. Rachel Andrew, the director of time psychology, says yes.

She says if a child has ADHD or sensory processing issues, things like this can help by providing either sensory stimulation or distraction.

Also, research has found a link between working with our hands and increased memory and creativity.

If a school has banned this and you feel your child needs an aid like the cube or spinner, Andrew says it's worth talking to your child's school to work around the ban.