TAMPA, Fla. - Kids spend nine months out of the year in school, and in just the few months they have off during the summer, they can lose more than one month worth of learning.

It’s known as the "summer slide" and the Glazer Children's Museum is looking to fight this trend by bringing in the MathAlive traveling exhibit.

MathAlive makes learning fun for children by take things like skateboarding, riding a bike and playing music and then showing the math behind those activities.

Kate White, with the Glazer Children’s Museum, says, “Kids only need two to three hours of engaged, active learning a week to prevent summer slide," Glazer Children's Museum spokesperson Kate White said.. "{MathAlive} is all about math, but it’s the fun side of math.”

Summer slide typically affects children from low income families more often. This is because don’t have the resources to send their children to summer camps or to other educational programs.

Glazer tries to make itself accessible to all families with several programs and events. The first Tuesday of every months the museum is open free of charge from noon to 7 p.m. Also, active duty military families get into the museum free from now until July 9.