ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - It’s our favorite part of the week!

Friday ushers us into the weekend, but it’s also when we showcase our 10News School of the Week powered by Duke Energy Florida.

This week we spent time getting to know what makes the Gladiators great at Gibbs High School located near downtown St. Pete. They have a lot to celebrate as this is their 90th year of Excellence!

Watch: Gibbs High School principal speaks on 10News School of the Week powered by Duke Energy Florida

This is one busy campus from sunrise to sunset and we found much of the school is made up of smaller communities.

One of the first programs we were introduced to is the Pinellas County Center for the Arts. Here they offer a variety of opportunities such as theatre, music, dance, visual art, costume design, and set production. Their campus also home to a beautiful performing arts center.

If you have technology interest, the BETA Academy might be what you’re looking for. They have several different pathways students can pursue including new media tech, networking, journalism, information technology and entrepreneurship

While learning the concepts and receiving hands on training, students can earn professional certifications for free. These certifications can help them obtain higher paying jobs upon completion and graduation.

Also, they have a partnership with Florida A & M University in which students in the program with the GPA and test scores will earn a full-ride at the university.

Photos: Students at Gibbs High School

BETA at Gibbs is a magnet program that any student in Pinellas County can apply to attend if they are upcoming freshmen or sophomores.

Speaking of partnerships, the EMT Preparatory Academy is a collaboration among the city of St. Petersburg, Gibbs High School, Pinellas County School Board, St. Petersburg College and St. Petersburg Fire Rescue. Students enrolled take classes at Gibbs and dual enrollment with the college. Upon graduation, they finish with their clinical and field internship at the college and earn their EMT certification.

With all these possibilities, post-graduation, the Gladiators are set-up for success. You can look to their “REP” and understand why. Respect. Excellence. Pride. Ask one of the students their rep, and you will get that in response.

Watch: Gibbs High School is the 10News School of the Week powered by Duke Energy Florida

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