CLEARWATER, Fla. - It’s our favorite part of the week! Friday leads us into the weekend, but it’s also when we showcase our 10News School of the Week powered by Duke Energy Florida.

This week we spent time on the campus of Leila G. Davis Elementary in Pinellas County.

This school is proud of how they incorporate technology into their lessons for their scholars. Last year, they were the only public elementary school in Pinellas County to offer Microsoft IC-3 Spark Certification. Their fifth graders learned Microsoft Office, PowerPoint and Excel.

Watch: Leila G. Davis Elementary principal speaks

This year they now serve as a model for other elementary schools in the district offering the opportunity to earn the same certification. They are also teaching coding at the school at various levels including in kindergarten via Bee Bots which are programmable bees that introduce the younger scholars at the school to the basic concepts of coding.

A few of the fourth-grade classrooms even have 1:1 tablet devices to scholars thanks to the initiation by their teachers going after grant money.

Plus, they offer STEM activities for all grade levels preparing their scholars for the tech-infused workforce they’ll enter in the next decade.

The school is home to award-winning creative opportunities. Just this week, they had several of their own scholars participate in a countywide chorus performance.

Their fifth-grade gifted scholars produce content for their WLGD channel and have earned multiple EMA’s (Educational Media Awards) over the years.

Through the art classes last year, they worked with a local artist to create an 85-foot mosaic that every single child took part in. This year they will create another mosaic at the front of the campus and all the classes will participate once again

With everything the school offers, it’s no wonder their motto is: Davis Scholars Dream Big. It’s one reason why they’re our 10News School of the Week powered by Duke Energy Florida.

Watch: Duke Energy Florida presents $1,000 check to Leila G. Davis Elementary

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Photos: Students partake in activities at Leila G. Davis Elementary