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Jon Stewart sees life through a new lens since leaving 'The Daily Show'

Stewart wrote and directed 'Irresistible,' now available on Bluray and DVD. #k5evening

SEATTLE — Miss your daily dose of Jon Stewart?

The longtime host of The Daily Show is back, but this time he’s behind the camera.

His new political satire Irresistible comes out this week. Entertainment reporter Kim Holcomb talked to him from home via Zoom about the film, reuniting with Steve Carell, kilts, sponge baths, and more.

STEWART: "I love that room.”

HOLCOMB: “You do? It always looks this way, not just in the morning when I have to clean it up quickly and make it look like a studio before my kids get out of bed.”

STEWART: “I love it. Especially the fireplace.”

HOLCOMB: "Thank you, what is going on behind you?”

STEWART: “I'm in the attic. This is my kids, when they were younger, this was their playroom. And then when they got older I got kicked up here… this is my office. I want you to know, I don't doodle. So, not my - (gestures to chalkboard behind him) I'm not bored up here, drawing my kids' names in chalk."

HOLCOMB: "I would also like to be fully transparent, in that I have long dreamed about the opportunity of getting to interview you, and now that it's here though, I kind of hate my questions.”

STEWART: “Let’s just talk!”

HOLCOMB: “I'm in pajama pants, my husband is making breakfast in the kitchen, it's not exactly how I envisioned it.”

STEWART: “Can I tell you something? Pajama pants are so much better than what I'm wearing. I'm in a kilt. I am wearing a kilt.”

HOLCOMB: "Are you wearing the kilt correctly? And I think you know what that means.”

STEWART: “No, it's literally just wrapped around my feet to keep them warm."

HOLCOMB: "I read that you wrote Gary with Steve (Carell) in mind. Is that a compliment or a condemnation?”

STEWART: (laughter) “An absolute compliment because the key to Gary is, while you may find him odious, you have to be able to spend 90 minutes with him. Steve Carell is the only person I know that is so lovable, you can kind of find those moments of comfort and love and joy in him even when he's doing things that you may find a bit odious."

HOLCOMB: "How do you consume news these days, and how do you balance that with still being able to find joy and humor in your life?"

STEWART: "You know, I spent a long time at The Daily Show utterly consumed in the world of it. I spent 17 years looking at the world through this (makes telescope with his hand,) and then when I took it down I went, 'Oh look, a chalkboard. Oh, what else is around here? Children!' I had lost perspective, which is easy to do when you're a cog in that machine. Doesn't mean that I find consuming news much more pleasant now, but I'm able to kind of separate it in a way that's maybe a little healthier. Not taking as many news baths."

HOLCOMB: "Maybe just sponge baths at this point would be healthier for all of us.”

STEWART: “Is that because I'm elderly now?”

Irresistible is now available on Bluray & DVD. 

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