Let’s talk political parties—but not in the way you’re thinking.

We’re talking about an actual party. 10News put together a little Florida midterm election day drinking game to help you get through some of the chaos.

Here’s how to play:

  • Take a drink every time somebody says, “swing state.”
  • Sip on your cold one when you hear “too close to call.”
  • Drink when you hear “We are the Champions” by Queen at any campaign headquarters.
  • Cheers somebody when they show up with an “I voted” sticker.
  • Take one sip at any mention of exit polling.
  • Bottoms up when someone in your group asks “Who is even running this year?”
  • Drink when somebody mentions "turnout."
  • See a chug, send a chug when somebody refers to early voting turnout.
  • Finish the drink in your hand when polls close.

Please drink responsibly and after you vote, of course. You can catch all the midterm election coverage on 10News and get election results live online by clicking here.