LAKELAND, Fla. -- UPDATE: The Facebook post for Rambo has been taken off the "Polk Pets Page."


A Facebook post on an area pet page is yet another 'Only in Florida' story.

Mary Thorn, of Lakeland, has listed her "fully trained alligator," Rambo, for sale on the 'Polk Pets Page' for $700.

Fully trained alligator, does not bit, potty trained, wears clothes, sits on propts, knows sign language, as well as english. only serious buyers. must have class 2 lic.

Thorn, listed on her Facebook profile as a pro wrestler and entertainer with Florida Championship Wrestling, also studied animal science and animal behavior at Polk State College.

The seller responded to many comments on the post and explained her reasons for selling Rambo.

"Don't have 2 1/2 acres," Thorn replied.

Many comments question the legality of the sale, explaining that one must have a license to sell alligators, even if they are docile. Thorn purports to have a license and is also asking for class 2 license holders to purchase Rambo.

Thorn posted plenty of pictures of Rambo, including appearances at public events. There is even a picture of Rambo in a baby carrier being smooched by Thorn.

According to another Facebook comment from Lisa K Textor, Textor's daughter interacted with Rambo for a picture.

My daughter has pictures holding this guy. So sorry you have to part with him.